Artist Statement of Evgeny Semenyuk

“I make my art in a wide, creative, and technical range and use different modern artistic medias. Why not? An artist must create characters that can evoke a wide variety of emotions. The palette of human feelings is so great that there can't be a single method for expressing them. I would be bored if I had to paint variations of the same picture for 20 years. Therefore, I explore the topic of expanding borders in my art - how much can an artist move within a single methodological field? Though I use the capabilities of modern digital media, I still prefer traditional art materials and techniques. I use modern polymeric materials in sculptural art objects and installations more and more often. This is fully applicable to my paintings: using acrylic and textural materials makes it possible to create unique mixed effects, and traditional oil paints now act as auxiliary media. I make art all the time, regardless of whether when I'm painting, traveling, or talking on the phone. Characters sometimes come spontaneously; sometimes I see them in real life. Any art materials are worthy of attention. I draw with a pencil or a ballpoint pen on cardboard or stickers. These sketches can become a painting, graphics, or remain sketches.”