Artist Statement of Eseniya Lanskaya

Eseniya Lanskaya is an emerging visual artist whose practice is defined by the unique set of mixed media techniques among which are drawing, acrylic and ultraviolet painting, liquid art. This choice is made in order to set up a better mental and emotional communication with viewers, discovering the astral reality.

I guess that everyone, at least once in the life, has an experience that is destined to change the entire course of our lives. It can be a conscious decision or a circumstance, the circumstance that opens to us something really important and unknown before. So it happened to me.

From 2012 to 2016 I was studying and working in New Zealand, when suddenly discovered the phenomenon of astral realities or as they are defined by science "parallel quantum universes". It wasn’t my wish to explore the astral plane, something called me, and this call drastically changed my life, having opened that secret door, I changed my perception in regards to the actual reality and liberated the mind from restrictions related to space, time and dimensions.

The main purpose of my artworks is to portray the parallel nonphysical reality in a realistic manner, maximizing the visual aspect of the images and giving the viewer an opportunity to establish unconscious communication with their visual meaning. All artworks are filled with concept of aesthetic experience lived through numerous astral projections and serve as a portal to the logically denied infinite parallel worlds.