Artist Statement of Eigirdas Scinskas

"They say I am visual artist. But I am saying I am traveller, a world traveller, and I always remember myself having a huge passion for and being attracted a LOT by the colourful art world. Modern art museums around the world are my biggest inspiration and before I aimed to be just a visitor, but during the years I felt a strong empowerment of energy, beauty and emotions in art, that reflected my steps in the painting world.

When I am not in the studio, I am in a museum somewhere in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Rome or in my beloved Nice. Contemporary art and abstract painting – it’s individuality, which is not affected by environmental disturbances. I paint what I feel, what inspires me as an artist – this can be desert, the movement of the city, the colours of recently visited cities, tastes, – all real emotions. I was strongly impressed by the fact that in the studio there is only me, the prepared handmade canvas and colours. Pure creativity, flight and feeling of the present."