Artist Statement of Catia Goffinet

"I am passionate about lines, colours and shapes. In my art I try to find a bridge between straight lines and the sensitivity of art. Transforming geometric shapes into art is my biggest challenge. I seek a new vision for geometrism that goes beyond colours and shapes. Sometimes I look for an organic sense for these lines. If everything in the universe is mathematical, there is mathematics in everything, including the curved lines of nature.

I bring within my art profound questions about the universe we know and especially the one we don't know. Imagining the universe as something mathematical and materializing these questions is part of my quest. I believe that everything is energy. We emanate energy. This energy is felt inside and outside of us ... it is like a clothes we wear but we cannot see it. I like to paint the energy.

I work with layers of transparency showing the idea of ​​energy, movement and infinity. Sometimes dozens of layers. Other unique layers. My work varies between pure geometric shapes in combinations of diptics, triptych and quadratytics and at other times in more organic and colorful works. I like to work with cheerful colours and unusual combinations but I am also passionate about monochromatic works."