Artist Statement of Bigui

What the critics say -

"Her art expresses nature in all its form and magnificence and in the clearness of its colours. She depicts the tropics in all its lush appearance. She approached painting in 2000 whilst in Brazil and she was able to represent the charm and fascination which the strong colours of nature have had on her as a painter. She started painting in the art studio of a Brazilian artist. The vividness of her colour palette evokes the smells, the flavors, the sounds of a place, of nature – the true protagonist of her research – which shines with all its vitality in everyday life. The constant observation of nature in daily life with its disruptive nature, fascinates her and lead her to focus on details. The relationship between human beings and nature has changed over the centuries, especially in its artistic representation, but its ancestral and magical relationship is untouched. Certainly, it represents a source of inspiration that continues to influence the viewer´s mind.“ - Laura Francesca Di Trapani 2017