Artist Statement of Arnaud Gautron

It is from now on the painting that holds all my attention and in which I dig, with each new painting, a questioning around the matter, of what it carries like memory or like trace, of what it reveals of the reality because it teaches us about ourselves, light, earth, other living things or the spirit.

Inspired by ancient traditions, where spirit and matter are one, I seek to "see through" and thus render, by an expression of my own, what I perceive of nature. By this, I try to "touch" and "make think of", without ever having illustrated or represented anything, a fragile path between pure abstraction and figuration.

My inspiration is also psychological. The study of the unconscious feeds my visual research by a work on memory, where the memory is not fixed but rather a permanent renewal of the gaze that one carries and the possibility of a waking dream.

By the technique I use, where acrylic and absorbent paper mix, I play both space and time. The paper, absorbing water, slows the drying of the acrylic and allows me to manipulate the material, to rub it, to bend or tear it, to make it flow, to move it. The light can thus arise from a hole dug in the thickness of the paper, revealing a forgotten layer.

My colours come from a permanent blend of juices whose outcome tends to gray. They are awakened by projections of thick paint that I associate with the work of permanent erosion caused by the sea and the wind.