Artist Statement of Arina Khlebnikova

For as long as I can remember, I was inspired by nature, its colors and forms. I paint flowers, the sunshine, animals, blue color, the smell of green grass, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and everything that makes me happy. One of my paintings is landscapes. My work is a way for the artist to show how wonderful, unique and fragile our world. Bringing joyful colors and organic forms together I create vibrant energy on the canvas, so it transfers in a space where it's going to live.

My first education is an environmental engineer influence on my paintings. Art is the best forms to observe nature, interpret by personal philosophy and express it through visual message. Through my works, I show the unique atmosphere of nature, its natural bright colors, its individuality and most of all I want to convey to people that each of us must try to preserve its original appearance.

I develop myself every day. I use different materials: oil, pastel, graphic, watercolor. I consider myself a multi-dimensional and independent artist, who can't imagine life without painting.