Artist Statement of Annu Gupta

"I believe that man lives on the periphery of time and space. Of these two deciding factors, space is the area we live in and time is the moment spent in. The flow of time takes an individual to a different space and gives a different mode and meaning to life, which can vary for each individual being.

Every element moves on the thin line of time which on turns creates its own space. The rest remains beyond the reach – that which has passed and that which is yet to come. The passing’s by – The ways, the journey, the moves, and then that feeling of the space, which is very much required and welcomed by all of us, the so called metropolitans.

My creations are sourced from the social environment and happenings for the sake of development. This development is a big necessity for today’s man and thus remains thirsty for that undefined limited space. With the passage of time, the need of an individual takes its own shape, which in turn reflects on the society as a whole.

My series of work portrays that never ending space to the ever filling space."