Artist Statement of Anjum Khan

"I am an aware, concerned and involved human being of the society. My subject matter comes from day to day life. I observe young girls achieving woman hood and their goals and ambitions with our surroundings and the emerging global environment.

If, I go through the history I observe that in the earlier time painters selected their subjects from the history they used to make female portraits of royal families and goddesses mostly. These were accepted and admire by the kings and rich society….but now with the change of time different painting philosophy brought different styles, I may be one of them, I have started to explore and evolve woman faces, emerging after imbibing contemporary society’s style of living and fashion directions. The human faces in my paintings reflects the environment in which, the society surrounding me is proceeding. I express with added painting requirements and professionalism.

I feel that every woman has her own glamour and feminine quality with different shades of colour. I have shown a common lady as a model in my works she has her on style and colour. The treatment of colour makes social comment .soft pastels on paper and canvas drawing exploit the sensibilities.

In our Indian philosophy Lotus has many meanings. It’s a symbol of purity. Lotus grown in muddy water but always remain above the surface of water and untouched by dirty water, the lotus is soft and strong like a my model woman …

"My paintings imbibe Indian cultural identity and global culture identity." - Amjun Khan