Artist Statement of Amina Khan

"I want to make Art & Design available for everyone, whatever your level….whether it’s absolute beginner to intermediate. I’ve created an Art studio which gives you a great learning ‘experience’. Relaxed, motivational and inspirational. I run workshop ‘experience’ for adults and children in my Art Studio. These are small, maximum 4 adults or 6 children. I believe in giving one to one teaching/ learning which is more beneficial.

I have had a love of Art from a young age and am inspired by so much. My travels around the world inspired my early work. Colours dominate may work. I love colour , mixing, blending applying different combinations. I start with a subject and make plenty of studies before I put paint to canvas/ paper. From there the painting can go in different directions ….abstract, realistic, naive etc.

My work has been influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, Gustav Klimt, Michael Kaws, Damien Hirst, David Hockney."