Artist Statement of Alket Zeqiri

Nietzsche wrote "There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness"

In this I find the "material" that constitutes art: love, reason and madness (the latter as a symbol of daring to risk madlessly). Art is the conception of these three elements intertwined together. Love for life, for the world, for the other. Reason that becomes one with the universe and creates new universes. The grandeur of courage to overcome limits, despite the dangers of time and space in which life develops.

It is difficult to have art if you are not fed with a great love, do not arise and breathe from one deep reason and dare towards the impossible, surpassing barriers with immense courage. In my work the emphasis is on the human figure. In a world of high-tech, alienation and individualism I want to bring back a light into what’s human. My works are generally figurative, incorporating styles like surrealism, expressionism, abstraction and realism - painted in oil experimenting with the possibilities this technique offers, also different sculptures in wood and clay.