Artist Statement of Akis Vassilopoulos

"I believe that every art form, but especially painting, is called to give the viewer the opportunity to see the world with a new look and to play many roles, decorative, didactic, entertaining, investment. Above all, however, it is called through painting, the creator to make the viewer see the beauty of shape and color, simplicity and economy in the formulation of the image and the quality of the technique"

The theme of his art painting is developed in a variety of subjects but focuses on the human presence as a form or as a figure. Evolutionarily, it completes themes such as landscapes, seascapes, city views, rainy days, nightlife in the city, erotic, emotional expression, train stations and season trains, performance issues in black and white, horse racing, horseback riding and more. The structure and composition of the shapes are dictated by the image, reaching the colour, many times, at high intensity levels.

The movement of the compositions is enchanting, fascinating and interesting, with a sense of illusion giving breath and life even to objects or still lifes. For technical performance it uses oils and acrylics. He paints with a brush, he loves the spatula, which he believes ""that she also loves"". He attributes his expressionist disposition to the spatula and its strong contrasts.