Artist Statement of Nataliya Bagatskaya

Artist Statement

The world in which we live is made of colour. Colour is something that creates beauty, energy. It causes emotions, it includes feelings. I have always been fascinated by colour and form. By combining them together, we get unlimited possibilities for creating art. But the creation of art or painting, in my case, goes deeper than combining the two of them. It starts with emotion or feeling, and then "spat" on the canvas. Some of my paintings are impulsive, where inner emotion captures my brush, while others are trips that even surprise me.

With my painting, I try to express how I see the world, and on an emotional level I communicate with the viewer, hoping to fix the moment on the canvas.The process of creating a picture for me is very meditative. The search for harmony of color and the creation of an ideal composition is very important.

In my paintings, I try to convey the joy of being, a beautiful image arising from simple things, be it a person, a corner of nature, or a remembered dream. My inspirations are also my life experience, the work of other artists, events, people and places around me.

Describing the style in which I work can be both complex and "mixed", for example, taking as a basis the style of realism, I modify it in different pictures, adding surrealism or elements of the style of cubism, or even creating a mystical, illusory environment around realistic objects.

My artistic quest has determined my comprehensive education. As a fashion designer, I declared myself in a series of paintings, where the girls are quite realistically depicted on the background of geometric planes, as if borrowed from paintings by Cubist painters.

The main creative direction is realism, magical realism, meta-modern and portrait painting. Meta-modern style denotes fluctuations between two opposing concepts and the simultaneous use of them. So, in the series of Kyiv landscapes, the actual city streets contrast with the dark silhouettes of separate people and are perceived as symbols or signs. In other paintings this style is manifested in a combination of symbolism and decorative style, in combination of realistic details with graphic, in the neighborhood of realism and abstraction.

In my creative work there is a series of still lives - as a "replica" on the subject of Dutch and English classical still-life with the accompanying attributes: vases, glasses, fruits and flowers that appear on a deep dark background. All these objects and environments acquire their aura, glow, giving the viewer a kind of mystical realism. Elements of mysticism are butterflies, present in a number of female images: "Psyche", "Princess", "Mermaid", "Oh, you Girl ...". These images, which are concise in their graphic completeness, attribute us to the meta-modern style, which is based on some contradictions, instability, incompleteness.