Artist Statement of Rosalind Roberts

Rosalind Roberts was born in England, but has lived in Italy for practically all of her adult life. Rosalind studied for three years art school in Bedfordshire in the ‘60s and then moved to Milan, for what was meant to be a sabbatical year but which turned into a lifelong adventure.

Rosalind put aside her love of painting for something like twenty years to bring up her family and when she took up my brushes again she found she had to start from scratch, it wasn’t like riding a bike! Now she knows that she will never not paint. It is her life and part of who she is. 

Being an artist for me means being on a never-ending learning curve. You can never put the brush down and say, “Right, I’ve mastered it”. You have to continually strive to improve and refine your technique. Sometimes it can be very frustrating and then one day, click, you’ve moved along the curve a little bit more and the sun is shining down on you.