ArtBaazar - Commission an Artwork

Want to Commission an Artwork by an ArtBaazar Artist?

Found an artist whose work appeals to you? Have a concept / idea that you would like them to create especially for you? Found an artwork you love that is no longer available? Then why not commission a unique piece by the artist?

How can I commission an artist?

Go the gallery of the artist on, click on one of the artists artworks and click the ‘Commission An Artwork’ link. From there you will be required to fill in our commission form, providing your contact details as well as the following information -

  • Name of Artist
  • Your Budget
  • Desired Medium
  • Preferred Dimensions
  • Specific details for your commissioned artwork

Once we receive the details on the commissioned artwork, we will contact the artist on your behalf, explain your requirements, budget and overall expectations. Although most artists are more than happy to carry out commissioned work, from time to time they may be busy with prior commitments to other commissions or preparations for upcoming exhibitions etc.

What can I commission?

The joy of commissioning an artwork is that you are in a position to give the artist a clear idea of your requirements and expectations from the very beginning. You may be looking for a particular style, scene or have a very clear idea on the dimensions based on a space on your living room wall. The clearer you are in detailing the particular requirements, the greater chance you have of the artist delivering an artwork you will love.

How much does it cost?

When commissioning an artwork, we ask you to set a budget first. So, you have control over the cost. The budget you set will be communicated to the artist and it is then up to the artist to accept the commission.

How long will it take the artist to complete the commission?

We are more than happy for you to set a date for completion, as in some cases you may be providing the artwork as a gift for a special occasion like birthdays etc. Whereas, we will always strive to have an artwork completed within the requested time frame, this may not always be the case as from time to time the artist may be busy with prior commitments or preparations for upcoming exhibitions etc. We will always ask the artist to provide an estimated time for completion and keep you fully updated.

If I commission an artwork from an artist, are they obligated to accept the commission?

The short answer to that is … No.

The artist can refuse to take on a commissioned piece for various reasons, which can include lack of time due to prior professional commitments, they feel they can not deliver on your specific requirements etc. We will always work with you to bring about the desired result for you, and are more than happy to negotiate with your preferred artist to help you own one of their unique artworks.

How Will I Know If My Commission Has Been Accepted?

Once we have communicated with the artist, and assessed their availability to carry out the commission we will be back in contact with you to let you know the artists decision. If, at this stage the artist has any question regarding your commission we will communicate them to you, so that we can ensure both you and the artist are aligned when it comes to the overall expectations of the artwork. Should the artist accept your commission, we will be in touch to arrange the payment of an initial deposit prior to the artist commencing their work.

How do I pay for a commissioned artwork?

After we have received your commission details and the artist has agreed to take on the commissioned work, we will then contact you with confirmation of acceptance of your commission. At this stage will get in touch to arrange the initial payment of a 50% non-refundable deposit. The artist will only begin working on your commission once this deposit has been paid. The final 50% of the agreed price will become due on completion of the artwork by the artist.

How do I check on the progress of my commissioned artwork?

Once a commission has been accepted by the artist, we stay in regular touch with both you and the artist, keeping you updated on their work, as well as providing you photographed images of their progress, seeking feedback from you, so that the artist can deliver the best possible results on your behalf.

Can I return a commissioned artwork?

Once an artwork has been commissioned and details have been agreed with the artist and the deposit paid, we, unfortunately, cannot accept the return of a commissioned artwork.