Am I Responsible for Shipping of any Artworks Sold? provides support to artists when it comes to the fulfilment of orders for their artwork through our online art marketplace. Once payment for the artwork & shipping is complete, we then set about organising the collection and delivery of the work on your behalf. Your only obligation is to ensure the artwork is handed over to our chosen shipping agent of choice and that the artwork is safely and properly packaged to prevent any potential damage during transit. 

What are your obligations when it comes to the shipping and delivery of goods sold through our website? 

You are required to have any artwork that has been sold, through our site, ready for shipping by the designated delivery / shipping agent within 5 days, or sooner, of confirmation of the sale of the artwork. It is your sole responsibility to arrange for the safe and secure packaging of your Artworks for delivery to any customers introduced to you through the ArtBaazar website. If these requirements are not met, ArtBaazar reserves the right to debit any costs associated with resulting customer return or cancellation requests from your ArtBaazar account balance.