Taras Tryndyk was born in Dneprodzerzhinks, Ukraine in 1973. Growing up Taras was never far from art as a result of his fathers work as an interior decorator and portrait painter. Taras' development as an artist was further influenced by the work of his uncle, Nicolas Tryndyk, an honoured artist of Kabardino-Balkaria, who was a landscape painter and master of thematic paintings. Taras has been living and working in the Dnepropetrovsk area of Ukraine since 1997 and began exhibiting his artwork in 2001.

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Art is my way of life, even in thoughts where all creative processes start. Art reflects social and cultural life. Art is a projection. All abstraction is projective, it always reflects some idea. Such games with the imagination helps us to learn something new about our self. It’s a possibility to find out deep unconscious world, to begin a so called inside cultural revolution, to give a human being, longing for renovation, desires and catharsis.