Sylvia Baldeva is a Bulgarian born artist who graduated from the University of Sorbonne, Paris with a Bachelors Degree in Fine and Contemporary Art. After completing her Degree she continued her studies in graphic design before working in the fashion & graphic sectors. Continuing to work within this sector she has been regularly commissioned as a Freelance Illustrator by Advertising Agencies, Publishing Houses and Photographers. Sylvia combines this with activity her pursuit of developing a full time career as a Fine Artist, where her creativity is guided by freedom of expression.

Sylvia’s artistic nature was fully supported from a young age, having grown up with an artistic environment, as a result of her father being a Fine Artist too. This greatly influenced her creativity and inspired her to follow her artistic calling. Her approach to her artistic work takes a multi-disciplinary approach in its various forms of expression.

Sylvia Baldeva presents her work regularly at personal and collective exhibitions. She is one of the Artists-ambassadors Canson® Europe.

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Artist Statement

Her creative approach is based on the notion of “Transformed Memories“. The subjects appear, in a precise or vaporous way and manifest reminiscences of senses and observations. Through “flow“ are revealed perceptions and emotions. Such as visual tales, the painted representations bring new symbolic lives and feelings.

During the creative process, Sylvia Baldeva unfolds the subjects in a continual play between control and letting go. Without any sketching process, she works directly on the surface. This allows her to express directly the creation impulses. Her art takes poetical paths with a timeless dimension.