Su Yang was born and raised up in China. She is a feminist art scholar and an artist working in painting, drawing, photography and video. Yang is currently doing her PhD research in visual art at The University of Melbourne, where she is an academic assistant there in Australia. She received her MFA in painting from the State University of New York at Buffalo in the USA in 2014 and BA in design from Tsinghua University in China in 2010.

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She has had successful solo exhibitions in the US and Australia that have been noted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture’s official website and have been reviewed widely in Chinese and English – language press. Her work was also shown in group exhibitions in China, the US, Australia and Canada. Yang was a selected artist-in-residence at the prestigious art organization Artscape Gibraltar Point in Toronto.

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She has presented her papers at international feminist art and academic conferences at elite universities and prestigious galleries in Canada and Australia. Her recent essay “Feminist aesthetics: Representing Women in Contemporary Chinese Art” was selected to publish on British Journal - Journal of Arts Writing by Students and her paintings were selected for the cover. Yang curated exchange exhibitions at the University of Melbourne and Tsinghua University. She was a teaching assistant at Tsinghua University. Her short film Beauty won Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF)’s inaugural Powershorts Short Film Competition and was screened at Exclusive MIFF 2017 Preview Screening.

Artist Statement

My current art practice complements my creative artistic research that investigates the representation of women in China from the 1990's up to the present with feminism methodology. The art of my paintings, photographs and videos about but beyond unnecessary harmful non-therapeutic cosmetic surgeries questions the invisible ideologies that encourage women to conform their appearances to the ideal beauty in global consumerism, marketing and the patriarchal ideologies in Chinese Confucianism in China. These works are to challenge the hierarchical representations of women and the conventional definition of women’s art as to present femininity in contemporary Chinese art. My continuous feminist art project rebuilds the female images that have been utterly disrupted by patriarchal social, sexual, legal, cultural and religious structures.