"Greek painter, born in 1958 in Patras. From a very early age, he showed a great interest in painting and finally followed this artistic path, being very active in the period 1983 to 1988. In 1985, Dimitris Mitaras, Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts, was impressed by his artistic flair and asked him to attend the School, as a special talent. At that time he had already developed other activities and that did not allow him to pursue his dream. Dimitris Mitaras, understanding his increased obligations, gave him the unique privilege of tutoring him at his free time, from 1985 to 1987. He attended freelance drawing and painting lessons from the Russian School in Florence and Rome.

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Interview - A Fate Bequeathed to Me

I have the feeling that a painter lives twice. To me, painting is what I hear, what I see, what I touch, what I smell, it is the very taste of life! Colours, overflowing my emotions, are flirting on my palette and on the canvas, filtered by the Greek light of infinite shades of blue and other colours, through a magical film of the iris! Using the paintbrush, the palette knife, or even my own nails if necessary, I perform this magical command of my soul to use colours to bring to life whatever it tells me to! I would like to express my gratitude to the Lord (God) for the chance He gave me to be one of his choices!"