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Sheila Chapman is an emerging contemporary painter based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Initially, Sheila studied physics at Oxford University before embarking on a career as a patent attorney for over ten years. However, her artistic nature was never far from the surface and she decided to follow her lifelong passion for art by returning to education and obtaining a B.A. Degree in Fine Art at the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) where she also took part in the ECA Degree Show in 2016. Sheila has exhibited her artwork at various exhibitions over the last few years and her artworks are now held by various private collectors. 

Artist Statement -

"I love colour and the fluidity of paint, and trying to capture the richness of life in painted texture and marks. At the start of each work I use very fluid acrylic paint in pools and runs: I tilt the surface around to let the paint flow naturally in its own paths, while at the same time trying to coax it into shapes capturing the character of the subject. As the painting progresses I often switch to water-based oil paint to give richness and depth to the colours, and achieve greater detail and texture.

Painting for me is a way of distilling experience and thinking about life. The natural environment interests me as a living, changing organism which will always affect people's lives and which people, in turn, will always affect. I wonder how important the environment will become in the not too distant future and what it will ultimately mean to all of us."

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