As an artist and cultural expert, Sergii Chaika insists on deliberate attention to this era, when a man was one of integrity and hoped for a glittering future. Duchamp with his object “R Mutt” indicated the urinal directions of the Western culture, a draft towards individualism, a rebel of the body, radically anticipating the youth rebellion of the 60's and pop-culture, so surely capturing the art scene of modernity, which is occupied by fashionable curators, who imitate the western trend as a carbon-copy in the third world.

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Collocation “Theory of Harmony” unintentionally comes to the head while viewing Sergii Chaika’s paintings in the context of the modern art of Moscow, where he became known as an artist. In authentic art-processes of the Russian capital, this man hailed from Eastern Galicia clearly remains a stranger and an original not without the satisfaction of being the one. Despite the orientation of his works towards classic art, the author makes clear, that reference points for their creation, not points for citation – are the great masters of paintings. Still, his method has nothing in common with postmodernism, which has possessed the art scene for years now. For Chaika painting is not a play with history and a whimsical stochastic search of variants of the past, it is a kind of sacred activity. His technique may seem pseudo-archaic: like the deliberately multilayered painting of the Renaissance masters.