Lusie Schellenberg

Lusie Schellenberg

Oil on Canvas

60cm x 80cm


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Painting: Oil on Canvas. My work here is a single copy and original handwork. It is made on special high quality 100 % cotton canvas, stretcher stable pine wood. 1,5 cm light blue edge-great for versatile framing, gloss finish. I am very careful about my work. Starting from canvas, paints, work techniques, and finishing with varnish. This painting is varnished for cold tones. This painting is a reflection of the beauty of waves and a search for purity of color. Transparent waves and gentle foam, stones underwater ... I painted this picture, and my desire is for my audience to feel the taste of a salty wave, the freshness of the breeze, the cry of seagulls ..This is another reflection of the beauty of nature under my brush. They converged. Wave and stone, Poems and prose, ice and fire Not so different from each other. At first, by their mutual difference, They were boring to each other; Then I liked it; then they came together every day on horseback And soon became inseparable. (A. Pushkin) But it is always beautiful - waves on stones, transparent as glass, gentle waves, envelop the stone and you want to plunge into such waves and enjoy. This artworks will decorate your interior or it is a wonderful gift for your family or friends, colleagues.

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