Lusie Schellenberg

Lusie Schellenberg

Oil on Canvas

50cm x 70cm


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My work here is a single copy and original handwork. It is made on special high quality 100 % cotton canvas, stretcher stable pine wood. 1 cm white edge-great for versatile framing, gloss finish. Along with the Artwork, will be shipped the certificate of authenticity. This Artwork is hand signed and dated on the back The painting is painted in acrylic, oil, mixed media, structuring. I like to create unusual paintings, painted in an unusual technique-this is one of these paintings I was inspired by a book by Stanislav LEM. This picture is dedicated to his book 'Solaris'. Solaris is an entire planet, or rather, the ocean of this planet. A living mind. Unbelievably. It is a thinking substance that is devoid of individuality. In principle, the personality makes sense when there is someone to second is exactly the same as the first. In this regard, the thinking ocean of Solaris is often compared to God, but this statement cannot be considered true. What do we know about the divine nature, even if we know so little about our own nature? This ocean is capable of creating phantoms that gain their own will. This may look like a divine act to us humans, simply because we are not able to explain a different nature of the interaction of matter and intelligence than we know. And the ocean, perhaps, perceived the people on the station as some kind of deities who, in some inexplicable way for him, forced him to fulfill his desires. My painting just shows a wave-a flash of plasma-creating new life. I am very impressed with this book, and I hope you will feel my feelings and something unusual in my painting.

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