Lusie Schellenberg

Lusie Schellenberg

Oil on Canvas

60cm x 45cm


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My work here is a single copy and original handwork. It is made on special high quality 100 % cotton canvas, stretcher stable pine wood. 1,5 cm blue edge-great for versatile framing, gloss finish. I am very careful about my work. Starting from canvas, paints, work techniques, and finishing with varnish. This painting is varnished for cold tones. Along with the Artwork, will be shipped the certificate of authenticity. Signes on the back. This Artwork is hand signed and dated on the back. When you remember summer, the sea appears before your eyes the image of the sea. Foam, turquoise waves. Somewhere in the distance a boat. People are resting. Blue sky and breeze. It's amazing .. you can feel the splash on your lips and the freshness of the wind. I want to convey this mood. I especially drew the work in 3 stages. Texture paste, imprimatur, and drawing. Palette knife. To show the expression and dynamics of sensation. Life and movement. Sparks glitters, glitters, and highlights. The sea is gray and blue. The wind is crying, throwing waves The salty foam of the surf splashes. They were torn and beat, with obvious annoyance, The waves are crushing to throw us back. It's strange to you, wayward ocean, To give in to human will and thoughts. The underwater murmur rushes louder than everything, The stormy shafts burst more angrily; It's fun to see them fight crazy Their iridescent rolling ebb.

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