Birth in March 1973 in Belgium.

Born deaf, he started drawing at the age of two, and discovers the noise later, after undergoing several surgeries. During childhood and adolescence, studying music at the Conservatory, is passionate about philosophy -- Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Beethoven are the three figures that mark the most adolescents over the years - and the history of painting, which become two of his major obsessions.

At the age of 16, he left the family home in order to devote himself to Art; He joined the Institute St Luc in Tournai. Between 1990 and 1996 he continued his studies between institutes St Luc de Tournai and Liège, entering the Academy of Fine Arts (before leaving at the end of 15 days, disappointed), later following the courses of philosophy and history of Art at the University of Liège, and participates in its first exhibitions.

2001, first 'crisis' that pushes him to go and live in the South of France and run 'humans' and the success that he's wary. -2006, ransacking of his workshop, and theft over 150 paintings from its reserve. Second 'crisis', quit Belgium and starts living in Paris. Since 2011, lives and works in Spain. 

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Rodrigue is also occasional lecturer in history of painting, and is the author of several essays on the plastic philosophy and history of art. His works are part of many private collections in Belgium, Holland, England, France and Spain, including those of the Governor of the Province of Liège M. Forest, and patrons such as A - P Laixhay and J.Iniesta.