"Love in a Twilight Landscape"

Phyllis Mahon

Phyllis Mahon

Acrylic on Canvas

41cm x 51cm


Description: A romantic painting of a man and woman in a tender embrace surrounded by trees in soft light. One side of the painting where the man stands is predominately blue and the right side, the female side, is a softer, warmer hue where I've used Burnt Sienna and a range of pinks. This wasn't at all intentional and I only became aware of this when I was almost finished - but I feel it works very well.

The overall mood of the painting is soft and inviting, with a beautiful light illuminating the distant landscape behind them. This image was inspired by my husband, telling me of a dream he had very recently and this, along with the lovely setting that our home is in, surrounded as it is by large trees which filter the evening sun, led to me create the image.

I rarely plan what I am going to paint, I tend to just start to draw on the canvas in dense charcoal pencil, to see what evolves. This was very much an impulsive creation.It is painted on canvas in Winsor & Newton professional acrylics; I have deliberately kept a looser, softer technique here compared to my more recent acrylic paintings. The colour carries around the sides of the canvas so there is no need for a frame and the painting is finished with a layer of Archival varnish.

Unframed; It is ready to hang.

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