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Pedro Amaro was born in Lisbon in 1991 and lives now in Berlin. Having a Master's degree in Architecture, his practice has always been somewhere in-between his study field and painting. For the past years he has been especially dedicated to painting, reaching a level of unity that he always has been striving for.

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Artist Statement

Studying architecture was important to learn how to paint in a different way. Instead of seating in front of an easel with his mind, he wanders around the studio collecting information and clues about something that could be built. Like a construction, it should be found a structure that binds all those fragments together.

It starts with a piece of paper, often an already existing, unfinished draw or collage stumbled upon. Parts of one work are cut and add on another. Therefore, there is no original format or orientation to dictate any conditions. If something is incomplete, additional surfaces are glued in. So the painting grows as more and more elements are added. It is hard to know how big the next piece is going to become.

Then, It was found that horizontal compositions make the eyes to wander across the surfaces and noticing the chain of different fragments.