Pauleen Micallef was born in 1951 in the United Kingdom but moved and settled in Malta. She studied Art all through her school years. Her first job was producing copper Murals related to Maltese folklore. She took a short break of about six years to bring up her young family. While painting constantly, she also studied History of Art – attended various workshops with international artists, hailing from United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, South Africa and Poland.

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She has also been studying the nude for many years and excels in the painting of the human figure and portrait. When she finds no life models for portraiture, she enjoys doing quick sketches of personalities, from television interviews.

Pauleen also paints land/seascapes, flowers, historical monumental buildings and old Maltese farmhouses en plein air. Her mediums vary from oil, water, dry and acrylic. Pauleen has works in private collections locally and abroad. She is also a collector of other artists’ works. She has been a regular contributor to philanthropic events for the past twenty seven years.

Artist Statement -

Due to the good Mediterranean weather I consider myself lucky that I can paint out-of-doors for a good part of the year. I am a spontaneous artist and use loads of colour to express myself. I enjoy experimenting and mixing different mediums to bring out the effect I would like to convey.

My aim is to share my personality and soul with the person who is viewing my work.

My philosophy: ‘Once a painting hangs on the wall, part of the artist remains there too’