Oli Berg works and resides in Barcelona. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts of Ukraine, Completed her Master degree in Spain.

Her works are poetic, it is about imaginary landscapes, Sirens, lost islands, beauty and mystery. The latest of Oli's artworks has been featured in CICA MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART – Seoul/ KOREA, International Art Biennale in Florence, Italy (2017), International Art Biennale BACOS, Spain (2016) as well as in a solo show in 2017 (Barcelona) and numerous groups show in Spain and France.

Exhibition List and Media Publications of Oli Berg

"The highlight of my latest series of work is to establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. To explore the psychological undercurrents and how life extends beyond its own subjective limits…

I believe it’s important to focus on concrete questions that determine our existence, such as resurrection of mind and survival above the limits."