Krupickova graduated from a prestigious fashion design school in Brno, Czech Republic, majoring in Textile and Knitwear; this is where she developed her skill of drawing and painting. After graduating, Krupickova spent several months in England and the USA. Her first oil painting was in 1999 as a Christmas gift for her lifelong partner. In 2003 she organised her first solo exhibition.

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Her style is always evolving; the strong colour and bold strokes have become slightly softer and more abstract – still playing with light and shadow on a black background. Krupickova have always used only a palette knife, not brushes. She likes the versatility of the knife - it can both sharpen focus and smooth to abstract. She want the viewer to find new parts to the painting as they adjust their viewpoint, almost like turning the pages of a book. The story starts with only a small amount of background detail, enticing the viewer to delve deeper and discover what lies within.

Krupickova's paintings draw on personal experiences that are a reflection of the visible - landscapes, cityscapes and transport. Her ambition is to achieve the perfect balance between realism and artistic expression - find that pitch point by testing the limits of her contemporary style.

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Krupickova has held several successful exhibitions in the Czech RepublicThe picture Posázavský Pacifik was selected and exhibited at Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition in London 2008. Her paintings are held in private collections in the Czech Republic, UK, USA, Belgium, France, Sweden, Canada and Slovak Republic. I was also interviewed on Czech Television CT1 Dobre Rano and in popular talk-show Vsechnoparty. Martina was chosen to appear in last year's screening of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018.