German painter Markus Davies confronts the commodified blandness of urban spaces, encountering the “ordinary” and “unimportant” of the built environment we live in.

His current work combines multiple visual elements, allowing fragments of memory and spatial experience to form a dialogue. His approach to painting emphasises on ways of sensing, feeling and experiencing spaces differently. Markus constantly tries to transgress the boundaries between physical space and his own personal response to it.

His work has been exhibited and published in the Ireland and the UK. In one of his most recent projects Markus collaborated with 12 national and international Artist in Dublin, raising awareness of disused spaces within our cities. Currently Markus is preparing a body of work for his next Solo-Exhibition, aiming to portray an intimate experience of space and time.

Artist Statement - 

Artist and cultural practitioners have been using forms of urban exploration as a mean of engaging with cities, rediscovering spaces, situations and geographies to define a new meaning of urban perception.

I see myself as an urban explorer, navigator, discoverer, exchanging narratives of the city and interpret ever changing conditions of our environment.

For me exploring urban spaces involves ways of sensing, feeling, experiencing spaces differently, to be aware and analyzing images of the city.

My work can be understood as a partial view of the everyday, an investigation into space, form and colour.

In my paintings I try to capture these moods, atmosphere, impressions and personal feelings to develop my own understanding of our urban landscape. I combine all these memories of visual and emotional fragments simultaneously in the painted image. It’s an improvisational and spontaneous process while at the same time feels planned, bringing together painterly expressions into dialogue with my memories of the actual experience.