Maga Fabler lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. University and private art education in Poland and USA. Working in watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil, using various techniques (alla prima, impasto, dry brush). Main genres: landscape (esp. South of Europe), portrait, abstract, still life. Likes to create thematic series looking for more comprehensive expression.

Artist Statement
My art tends to focus on the nature of a subject. Like emotions and energy caused by complementary colors; simplified geometry of a composition; map of wrinkles on old human faces; endless variety of green shades in a landscape. Whatever is the subject, I try to reach its quintessence. In as simple manner as possible. Currently I express myself the fullest with three different styles, which sometimes permeate each other - 

  • Ad libitum (it's also the name of my series) - loose, spontaneous painting, with features of representational art.
  • Geometric art - driven by European modernism, especially cubism.
  • Conceptual minimalism - abstract or non-objective art which is a visual ellipsis, pure essence of important to me features of a presented object, form, idea, emotion.