"Norwegian Fjord"

Lusie Schellenberg

Lusie Schellenberg

Oil on Canvas

60cm x 80cm


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My work here is a single copy and original handwork. It is made on special high quality 100 % cotton canvas, stretcher stable pine wood, gloss finish. Along with the Artwork, will be shipped the certificate of authenticity. This Artwork is hand signed and dated on the back. The work is written in 3 stages. Imprimatur, tone registration, and glazes. This allows you to maintain the quality of work for a century. The Kingdom of Norway is a Beautiful cold country The country where waterfalls fall from the steeps, And to the bottom strive for a sheer wall, Where the sea coast is all cut up by fjords, There the waves found their shelter and peace. Here Solveig were singing their wonderful songs, And Grieg's music sounded sometimes, Her melodies are both light and beautiful, And pleasing to the ear is not earthly beauty. Here trolls hide behind the branches of the forest, And fairies flutter in the sea fog, Here the rocks are steep and the cliffs are sheer, And the snow caps turn white all around. Country of cold rivers and ice of the Arctic, You are pleasing to the eyes in the decoration of your, You give me moments of great happiness And breathe freely in your space. I really like these poems, and I decided to recreate this beauty. I always wanted to see all the fjords of Norway, enjoy this fabulous beauty. This is the mood of the Northern country I conveyed in my painting.

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