Joelle Provost is a painter who has been steadily emerging into the American art scene over the past decade. Her works have been featured in the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, ROOM art gallery in Mill Valley, & Spacewomb Gallery in Manhattan. Carving her way through commissions, her works are featured in hundreds of private homes across the United States. She holds an MFA in Studio Art and Integrated Media from Brooklyn College. She has won several awards for her work including Most Outstanding Artist Award, University of California at Davis (2010), and the Charles G. Shaw Award, Brooklyn College (2014 and 2015). Provost has dedicated herself to using her art as a means for communicating issues of Environmental degradation and other problems of our modern world.

Artist Statement

In my recent works I search for the tone of our distinct present, as I feel there is a hollowness that pervades. My drawings keep in mind our environmental crisis and other modern dilemmas, in hope to find that which is still sacred. Often I look to recent past centuries to illuminate what charm existed then, with potential of transporting that same romantic spirit to our present. The objective through my works is to provide an authentic emotional account of our present, forgoing ideals of ascension to human perfection or attempts at avoiding current circumstances.