Jayne Somogy—who signs her work “Somogyi,” the ethnically-correct spelling of her Hungarian surname—grew up and attended college in the Midwest of the U.S. as a design/theatre major, then lived most of her life in Los Angeles, retiring in 2008 to Conyers, Georgia after working as an administrative assistant, legal secretary, word processor, proofreader, and graphic artist.  Her love was always the arts, and free time was spent acting, singing, dancing, drawing, and designing, often on a semi-professional level.  She also earned an additional degree (summa cum laude) in fashion design from FIDM/Los Angeles.

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Jayne shares her single life with a Chihuahua and a cat in a very colorful, eclectic apartment where she enjoys re-arranging the furniture regularly.  Her beloved son and grandson also live in the Atlanta area and she relies on them for “technical assistance” with all the necessary electronics of 21st century life.

Three years ago, at age 68, Jayne turned her creativity to art & works primarily in pastels, charcoal, ink, pencil, colored pencil, art markers, water colors and acrylics, with a fine attention to detail and an adventurous approach to color. 

Artist Statement 

To me, beauty and truth are everything, and they equal love which, metaphysically and spiritually speaking, is all there is.  I strive for beauty, harmony and peace in every facet of my life and, by extension, in my art. I love beautifully curving lines and bright gorgeous colors in unusual combinations, and precise detail.  I have the soul of a gypsy, traveling through time and space by way of books, television and the internet in order to inform myself about life, and the customs, history, environment and appearance of its fascinating, diverse inhabitants—past, present and future—so that I can present them to you, preserving indigenous cultures as they used to be or before they disappear. I have always been accepting of every type of human—regardless of gender or sexual identity, age, religion, ethnicity, color or race—as long as that human is kind and practices the Golden Rule—and I love drawing all of them!  My style is whimsical and has been described as being “informed” which I consider a great compliment.  I hope my sense of humor also comes through in my work because . . . well, because life is just . . . FUNNY!