Iryna Kitaieva was born in Tiraspol, Moldova and currently lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine. Asa multi-styled artist she explored various techniques and has created a broad range of artworks in many techniques; drawing, mixed media and primarily oil abstract non-figurative art.

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After a total 5-years art education at M.B.Grekova College, she graduated from the Institute of Architecture and works as a architect. Iryna exhibits at galleries and art fairs in France, Spain, Greece, Moldova, Russia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, UK and USA.

Education -

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine 2009

Odessa Art School Grekov, Ukraine 2003-2008

Artist Statement -

When it comes to technique I am influenced by both Figurative Art and Abstract Expressionism. I tend to apply undiluted paint to the canvas and mix my colours upon on the canvas as I work. I enjoy painting colourful impasto abstract paintings and often use a palette knife to help create a three dimensional sense of space in my work. Always seeking the correct load and overall balance of colour. My complex abstract paintings are inspired by a love of nature. I strive to express emotions and thoughts through artistic forms, with these impressions materialising through the layered paint of my compositions.