Born in France in 1976, self-taught Oil painter, he study graphics and print techniques in the prestigious Parisian high school for graphic arts Estienne. He began painting to fulfil his creative needs and his fascination of visual expression.

In 2008 he moved to Austria, where he is living with his wife and two children in a beautiful suburb of Vienna. He found there stimulating subjects in a perfect harmony between urban and countrified environment. Finding inspiration from nature, cityscapes or through people. He became enamoured with the traditional Vienna and its architecture, its people way of life, the cosy ambiance of Viennese coffee houses, colourful landscapes; graceful moments of life. His modern figurative style relate a poetic atmosphere where colour harmony invites to tranquillity. Spending many hours dedicated to the creation of his works, quickly sketching on plein air or in his studio for more complex artworks. His ambition is to capture aesthetical moments, as if you would make a break in you busy day to day life and rediscover the beauty surrounding, the emotional essence of the architecture or landscape through contrasted and colourful perspectives.

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Artist Statement - 

Passionate self-taught painter, I started painting in my Parisian studio for more than 15 years. Initially adept of acrylic, I was looking for a more intense visual intensity. In 2014, I felt the need to change medium and found the desired balance by moving towards oil painting. My inspirations are mainly drawn from nature; urban landscapes or people. The cozy atmosphere of the Viennese coffeehouse, the colorful landscapes, graceful moments of life. A realistic expression of the world and the people who make it.

Qualified as a contemporary figurative, my graphic universe has evolved over the years towards a more spontaneous style. Wishing thereby, transcribe the emotion through the atmosphere and aesthetics of the composition and colors more than by the details. The result is an expressive and raw painting leading me little by little to abstraction.