"Taste Of A Woman"

Lusie Schellenberg

Lusie Schellenberg

Oil on Canvas

60cm x 40cm


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My work here is a single copy and original handwork. It is made on special high quality 100 % cotton canvas, stretcher stable pine wood. 1cm yellow edge-great for versatile framing, gloss finish. Along with the artwork, will be shipped the certificate of authenticity, original oil painting, erotic art, pop art, office art, decor home, gift idea Yes, a woman is like wine, Where's the wine, it's important for a man there know a sense of proportion. Don't look for a reason in wine, if drunk — it is not guilty. Yes, in a woman, as in a book, there is wisdom. Understand the meaning of its great only literate. And don't be mad at the book, Kohl, an ignoramus, could not read it. (Omar Khayyam) This picture is something special. I wanted to create an allegory. In the spirit of modern art and symbolism. I love creating such works. Every man knows that a woman is like wine-intoxicated, cheerful, relaxed, and the rest of the spectrum of emotions. Of course, a celebration of life, too. This picture will decorate any interior. I especially drew large strokes-this is a symbol of living flesh and sensuality.

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