Farid Bogdalov received his academic training at the painting department of the Surikovsky Institute, and later joined the art squats of Furmanny Lane and Chistoprudny Boulevard. As a founder and pioneer of both workshops he was at the forefront in creating active centres of contemporary culture, where their  creative energy drove the formation of new art languages at that time. It was during this time that Farid began his journey in the development and continuous improvement of plastic post-conceptualism, which took the form of abstract simulationism/ironic figurativism.

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For Farid Bogdalov the analysis of the widest visual contexts of modern civilization and society is hugely important, with his work examining “the society of the spectacle” primarily. This path led him to representing political and economic power in his work, commenting on the visual traps of the capitalist system of total consumption.

Artist Statement

Externally, from a formal point of view, my works are often insoluble paradoxes. Thus the paradox, if it does not Express the truth itself, at least transparently hints at its existence and in a certain sense points to the truth.