Belgian artist, Eric De Becker has an educational background in Fine Arts & Advertising. His work is highly influenced by COBRA, de Kooning, Cocteau and Twombly to name but a few. De Becker is also a strong follower of the "Tachism" movement (Art Informal-Intuitive Painting), the European answer to the American Action Painting of the 1940's and 1950's. He currently lives and works in the Antwerp area, Belgium.

To read more about Eric's artwork click - The 100 Faces Project (Coping with Our Mortality) with Eric De Becker


Fine Art, St Lukes, Brussels, Belgium
  • Additional courses in advertising, photography, graphic design, St Lukes, Brussels.
  • Lithography, Academy of Fine Arts, Anderlecht, Brussels.

Artist Statement

The 100 Faces Project shows 100 different and mostly distorted faces. Unmasking the subjects in a provocative and ruthless manner. Grimacing faces and the materiality of colour creates awareness of brutality, existential abysses, and the fears of existence. The works are made with a specific technique, the strokes, brushes, drawings rapidly applied onto the canvas or paper which express the dynamics borrowed from the Tachism-movement.