Elena Petryk paints in the style of esoteric practicalism. The love of art appeared in early in her childhood and already at the age of 10, she entered art school, and later graduated with honours from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in Kiev. For a long time she worked as an architect, created various buildings and at the moment she is a licensed architect.

The cornerstone in my work was the rethinking of art as a whole. I travelled a lot, met many personalities and saw with my own eyes many wonders of architecture.

In 2015, she created ASPAR-ART, and to this day she is the director, inspirer and artist of this company. Aspar-art creates amazing panels and furniture using mosaics. It also creates mosaic wall decor.

Artist Statement

My world turned upside down and the end of this path, I realized what art is for me - the beauty of human nature. After all, wherever I was, people who spoke different languages lived in different countries, differed in their features - and yet were so similar to each other, regardless of their differences. They loved, worked, laughed and cried. In each of them was this spark of human nature. That is what you can see on my canvases, in every movement with a brush.

Elena has participated in various solo and group exhibitions with Aspar-Art, both at home in Ukraine, as well as internationally -

• Annual Exhibitions in Kiev

• Art Week in Italy (with Russian artists) 2017

• Aspar-Art in Poznan. Poland

• Aspar-Art in San Rafael, 2018

• Aspar-Art in Paris, 2019.