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Dragan Djordjevic is a Serbian artist who works under the name Djoi Nije Za Svakoga. His work focuses on painting, photography and the digital realm to urge the viewers to extract personal meanings out of his captivating images.

In his body of works he draws the viewers through a multi-layered visual experience that on the surface speaks of beauty, but that at the same time urges the viewers to explore meanings. One of the most impressive aspects of Djoi’s work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of questioning contemporary visualization practice that intends to draw the viewers into an immersive, intense visual experience .

His works reveal an incessant search for an organic symbiosis between elusive features of reality and a tendency towards abstraction. His works have been exhibited in Serbia, Spain and USA. As well as being included in different art magazines.

"I believe that the task of every artist, is to “find something new in art or die trying.” With, my abstract works, my goal is to reach other dimensions, find new air to breathe, new water to dive into, new earth to walk." - Dragan Djordjevic

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