Being now based in London, I have currently completed a one-year MLitt painting Masters at Glasgow School of Art. Prior to this I did my BA in Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton. The work I am producing at the moment looks at the abstraction of the complex, more specifically looking at tapestry and the simplification of these. The paintings explore a narrative through a variety of mixed media. I would call myself an abstracted figurative painter.  I have had my sketchbook selected to be part of the Rabley Drawing awards, where the sketchbook toured to a number of locations around the UK. More recently two of my sculptures got selected for the Royal Scottish Academy Summer show in Edinburgh. As well as having an ongoing heavy studio practice I have also gained experience within a successful contemporary gallery called ‘Mary Mary’ who are based in Glasgow. This provided great knowledge professionally for my own practice.  As well as painting, I also produce sculptures and prints; these are a vital part of development within my practice.  
Artist Statement  
Tapestries provide the unlikely source for my recent works. The idea of introducing tapestry occurred on a Glasgow School of Art residency at Dumfries House - I felt compelled to re-create what I saw before me, through drawing.  I am interested in studying the forms and shapes within traditional textile pieces and simplifying them into abstracted paintings. Digitally altering images allows me to create compositions from a selection of different tapestries which I then develop further to create new work.  
Currently, I am exploring how figurative-researched content can be communicated through an abstracted response. Intriguing shapes, normally unnoticed form the narrative around my works. I am constantly looking for new ways to simplify the complex. Most recently, I have been working on large pieces of plastic and muslin. The ‘plastic or muslin canvas’ offers transparency, allowing the back-wall to become part of the work while at the same time blurring our notion of the edge of the canvas. The combination of paint and stretched plastic or muslin has offered me new and exciting ways to explore building layers and texture with paint - a conscious effort to always relate the work back to the tapestry.  The works that I make can become elements that will make up installation types of work, I am always interested in creating an environment for the viewer to submerge them selves in, when sometimes viewing my work. I have recently completed the MLitt Painting course at Glasgow School of Art. This has provided me with a better contextual understanding of my practice and the valuable time to develop ideas.  In addition to this I exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy Summer show this year where two of my sculptures were selected. I also gained great experience working as an intern gallery assistant for three months at Mary Mary, a contemporary art gallery in Glasgow.  Coming from a BA straight to an MA was a conscious decision to keep my practice active but it has also reinforced that being a full-time artist is what I want to pursue. However, leaving education and moving back to London and the dreaded feeling of not having a place to work has now hit me.  

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