Brian Keating is an Irish artist, living in the south of France. He studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. When it comes to his creative work he has two styles of drawing: Impressionistic and Graphic. His artworks are in private collections worldwide. 

Impressionistic - 

Before I start a drawing, be it on site or from notes and photographs, my first step is to study the scene, observing the overall dynamics of the "action" and "Interaction" between the subject, and the environment.

My drawings are spontaneous, mostly completed in one or two sittings.

With each drawing, I endeavour to capture a moment in time, hopefully portraying the movement, energy and direction within and surrounding the subject.

I want my lines and colour to project the activity that's abundant in a fraction of a moment, a hesitation of time and a glimpse into the next second.

Graphic - 

Fine detail black and white drawings using a "Cross Hatching" technique for tonal effects.