"Moon above the Tree"

Boris Pecigos

Boris Pecigos

Mixed Media on Canvas

70cm x 50cm


Description - In this painting someone will see only a red tree with green hills in the distance. They'll see the Moon only if someone points to it. The painting's name does it. And they'll stop there. They will not reflect on the meaning of the image. It will be just a question of whether they like it or not.

But "Moon above the Tree" is actually a psychopicture. As there is psychodrama, there is a psychopicture – an image that depicts some unconscious content. The concrete elements of the composition were spontaneously appeared during the painting itself. By analyzing the finished painting, I realized how much the presented elements are important to me.

Black crystal contains the essence of life and represents the cocoon of life energy and strong desire to grow in a certain direction. The Tree as young started out that way, but the outer forces, like a violent storm, twisted it and directed it to the other side, leaving a trace on the tree trunk. Many storms have caused the Tree to never develop its crown; as if vegetating.

Behind and above the Tree, a huge Full Moon is depicted, as symbol of unconscious powers, both mysterious and elusive, that affect the lives of all living beings, including the Tree, in a positive or negative way, and urge them to constructive or destructive behavior both towards themselves and others.

The Moon is also a symbol of the night and dreaming. This Tree still dreams of its large and lush crown, of numerous buds on its non-existent branches, of leafing, flowering and yielding juicy fruits. This crown of fruits is represented by twenty-one metal rings; an important number for me since I was born on the 21st of the month. Additionally, the number 21 contains numbers 1, 2 and 3 – the sequence representing the creation (1 – the initial idea and the first step; 2 – the connection to other factors needed for realization; 3 – the creation, the fruit, the result). Despite all the adversities experienced, the Tree has kept the charge of life force, and that is visible from its vivid red color and its strong roots that keep it to the ground.

The Moon is also a symbol of change. What is the next change the Moon brings to this Tree!?

This painting was painted in 2018 in mixed media (acrylic paint, black crystal, 21 metal ring) on canvas measuring 70 x 50 cm. It is not framed, but its 4.0 cm thick edges are painted and there's a hook for hanging, so the painting can go directly to the wall.

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