Baptiste Tavernier, born 1981 in France, pursues a creative path that has led him from experimental music through the martial arts of Japan to the painter’s canvas.

Baptiste Tavernier studied Digital Art and Musical Composition at Paris University under Anne Sedes, Horacio Vaggione and José Manuel López López. He took part in several avant-garde musical projects during those years and composed works such as Instants-Faisceaux or 10 Pièces Ephémères. He later released two albums with Japanese shakuhachi player, Sabu Orimo: Sphères (2009) and Kamakura Jūnisō (2012). 

Baptiste Tavernier’s path took a dramatic virage in 2006 with the decision to move to Japan and immerse himself in martial arts. Within a decade, he reached high ranks in four disciplines of swordsmanship: naginata (halberd), tankendo (short sword), jukendo (bayonet) and battodo (sword drawing and cutting), studied several classical Japanese martial styles and achieved proficiency in the making and repair of kendo armor. He has written several articles for Japanese journals on the topic of martial arts and budō, and published a book on Miyamoto Musashi. He also studied for several years ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement, and monshō gaku, the Japanese heraldic design. As a (ongoing) side project, he created the kamon knowledge base

In 2010, Baptiste Tavernier sought a fresh creative path and brush in hand, he started to experiment and mix his diverse set of skills onto the canvas…


The labyrinth has served throughout centuries as a symbol marking the centre of the world as well as a metaphor for the city. Rome, Troy, Jerusalem, Arab cities’ souks, Paris and her Catacombs… I continue this tradition and build upon it. However, although the myths that depict the labyrinths generally refer to long-lost civilisations, the world I portray is often set in a distant future, a possible result of the sum of the choices made by modern societies. Depraved cities and post-humans are usually its central character.

Solo Exhibitions

Erring Ways — Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Tokyo, Japan - 2017
Past Corridors — Haohaus Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan - 2017
Exploring Labyrinths – Gold –  Galleria Farina, Miami, USA - 2015
Mazes — Seikai Resort, Beppu, Japan - 2014

Group Exhibitions

East Meets West - Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan - 2017
Apocalyptic Nostalgia - Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan - 2017
Untitled — FM Gallery, Seoul, South Korea - 2017
Kosan no Kai - Lucite Gallery, Tokyo, Japan - 2015
19th Salon Blanc International Exhibition of Contemporary Art — Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan - 2015
Opposites Attract - Galleria Farina, Miami, USA - 2014