"A Man of Double Deed"

Boris Pecigos

Boris Pecigos

Mixed Media on Canvas

60cm x 60cm


Inspired by the British folk poem, with the earliest known record of the 18th century, but it is probably much older.

There was a man of double deed,
Who sowed his garden full of seed;
When the seed began to grow,
'Twas like a garden full of snow;
When the snow began to melt,
'Twas like a ship without a belt;
When the ship began to sail,
'Twas like a bird without a tail;
When the bird began to fly,
'Twas like an eagle in the sky;
When the sky began to roar,
'Twas like a lion at my door;
When my door began to crack,
'Twas like a stick across my back;
When my back began to smart,
'Twas like a penknife in my heart;
And when my heart began to bleed,
'Twas death, and death, and death indeed.

This painting was painted in 2018 in mixed media (acrylic paint, acrylic felt pen, wooden slats, wooden sticks, fabric, cardboard, nail) on canvas measuring 60 x 60 cm. It is not framed, but its 3.8 cm thick edges are painted and there's a hook for hanging, so the painting can go directly to the wall.

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