"Intuition Blue"

Catia Goffinet

Catia Goffinet

Acrylic on Canvas

104cm x 158cm


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The simple and pure forms of geometry with an elegant and current reading. I have a great passion for lines and shapes. I like to vary my work between the purity of shapes and the creation of new geometric shapes. I believe that everything in the universe is mathematical. The lines have no definition in mathematics, however, we can say that a line is a one-dimensional geometric figure, that is, it has only one dimension. Despite this, we can only measure the length of objects in a straight line. The existence of this ambiguity makes the lines simple and mysterious. To give bi or three-dimensional dimension to be part of my art too. In this new series of artworks called "Intuition" I work in simple and minimalist forms with a refinement of transparency giving the idea of ​​movements. I understand intuition as something simple and clear but disguised as fears and anxiety. The idea of ​​intuition being something as simple as a geometric shape led me to think of it as an echo within our mind, directing us to what our soul desires. It is something hidden that hardly anyone listens to. As if they were ghosts talking to us in our mind. Sometimes there is a war between reason and intuition. And as two different worlds existed at the same time and both are completely antagonistic. Turquoise blue (between green an blue)

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