Elena Soroka

Elena Soroka

Oil on Canvas

70cm x 70cm


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Patriarchy - exists or not? I remember one day I was hurt by the words that there is no patriarchy. That for centuries man and woman hand in hand, as equal partners, have opposed all everyday problems. In general, it’s more difficult for men, how many of them die in wars. And there are more men in prisons. Well, what kind of patriarchy is there? And with these thoughts, I want to recall the existence of such a tradition (even in the modern world) as "female circumcision." Clitorectomy is female genital mutilation, involving the removal of the clitoris. The procedure is usually performed in early childhood, sometimes in infancy. And it has several modifications: removal of the clitoris, removal of the clitoris and labia, as well as stitching of excised surfaces, which closes the urethral opening and entrance to the vagina - leaving only a small hole for urination and menstrual flow. An operation is considered “female circumcision”, similar to male circumcision. But it is often called “excision”, because when compared with the procedure for men, it would be an amputation of the male penis and scrotum. In international practice, the following formulations are accepted: “female genital mutilation” (FGM) or “female genital cutting” (FGC). There are no medical indications for a clitorectomy operation, only religious traditions. It is believed that a woman who has not undergone ritual circumcision is unclean. Also, the ritual is carried out so that the woman is better suited for housekeeping - she is more calm and submissive, not aroused. So what about patriarchy?

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